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Aug 24, 2006 · the 500 i did years ago had the crank banding removed by me and had some plates welded in so that it had more crank case volume this was also being done by the 500 gp bikes that were also reed valved engines our theory was that we had the pipes working so well that when the transfers were uncovered the signal from the pipe was strong enough to over come the movement of the piston.


The 2019 Honda CRF250R arrived in the Dirt Bike shop just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and we have already put some time on the machine and even sent it to the Pro Circuit dyno. Last year, this bike was the biggest news that the motocross world had seen in a very long time. New bikes come and.


They started with the latest chassis from Honda, straight from an 2017 CRF450R four-stroke. Then the motor was swapped out for a classic CR500R two-stroke powerplant. For more details on the build, check out Two-stroke Tuesday by clicking here. This is simply the raw video, no talking heads, just the sweet sound of a big two-stroke. CR500 vs. CRF450R torque and HP. - GeneralCR500Talk May 13, 2002 · Hey Elf, go to they have a dyno chart that shows stock hp and hp with their exhaust on the 450. I couldn t find a torque reading, but I recall reading 34-35 ft-lbs for the 450 somewhere. The average stock CR500 makes 58-60 hp and 48-50 ft-lbs. Hey, the CR500 weights less too, at about 223 lbs dry! About 10 lbs less than the 450.Honda CR500AF - Dirt Rider Magazine Honda CR500AF - Dirt Rider Magazine. But whereas a four-stroke builds power smoothly, the 500cc two-stroke has steps in the powerband in which boost builds explosively, the Honda CR500R.Honda CR500 thread! CR500R, CR480R & CR500AF. Jul 03, 2010 · This is the place for anything & everything relating to the legendary Honda CR500 CR480 & CR500AF. This is not my bike but one I found on the net. This thing looks crazy! WTH are you suppose to do with a 500 2-stroke? Click to expand. If you wanna see something REALLY CRAZY, Trick Racing is.Honda CR 2 stroke motorbike news - Moto-Related. May 09, 2014 · It was reported in a motocycle magazine recently (Australian Motorcycle News) that Honda has filed trademark applications for its CR, CRM and CRE tags, which as we all know are associated with Honda's 2 stroke motocross/road legal bikes, all these trademarks were specifically for motorbikes not cars.Cr 500 2 Stroke Motorcycles for sale 1997 honda cr 250r clean 2 stroke bike must se, 1997 honda cr 250r 2 stroke, serviced and safety checked runs great, must see in person or call for details very fast fun bike, priced to sell fast and will not last long, only needs a rider!call superfly 860 283-4100 we finance and offer free layaway plains, we want your business call today.

Ran my CR500 SM on the Dyno today. Any guess wht the RWHP.

Jul 25, 2012 · I ran my cr500 on the dyno today at Cycle Specialties in Greer SC. Dude builds drag bikes and has a new dyno set up. Slide him $35 bucks and he'll run what you brung him. It has been boared out to a 501cc and is on a fresh rebuild by Joe Dean. Any guess what the RWHP was? D


Jan 02, 2012 · MOTOCROSS ACTION’S TWO-STROKE VERSUS FOUR-STROKE SHOOTOUT: 2004 CRF450 VERSUS 2001 CR500. What if we took a brand-new 2001 Honda CR500 and compared it to a brand-new 2008 Honda CRF450.

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1987 Honda CR 500 2 stroke engine. Complete motor that was running before bike was taken apart. The Honda CR500 engine is highly regarded by motocross enthusiasts too, as the bike was known for immense power and torque despite being smaller than the largest bikes in the Honda range, with improved low end power for a smoother ride.


Jul 24, 2018 · TWO-STROKE TUESDAYWHAT THE HONDA CR500 COULD HAVE BEEN. MEET THE 1999 HONDA CR500. We hate to burst your bubble, but Honda isn’t going to build a new production CR500. If anything, they.

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